Special Guest – Tim and Janet Hall

Tim and Janet were missionaries to Italy for 27 years involved in church planting, leadership training and developing church health. God made it clear to us to return to the states this summer through a series of circumstantial events. It was apparent that “the cloud was moving for us.” We were asked by our leader to become recruiters/mobilizers for our mission. Our mission, WorldVenture finds itself in a similar position as other faith missions do. Between 2016-2020 over one half of all of our workers will retire from the field. Recruiting new missionaries to the field becomes crucial in order to fill this void. We see this task of recruiting new workers as strategic as working in the harvest field in Italy. Janet and I have the task of challenging young people with the mandate to “to go into all the world and make disciples”. We want to challenge everyone to become zealous for God; either by becoming zealous senders or zealous goers. We are commissioned to challenge those to missions from secular colleges and universities as well as Bible schools, seminaries and churches.