Frequently Asked…

What is Ordinary Faith?

Ordinary Faith is a Church organized to establish, support, and strengthen people in their pursuit of God by following the teaching, example and leadership of Jesus Christ.


Why Ordinary Faith?  Aren’t there enough churches in the area?

Ordinary Faith exists primarily to enable and equip each individual and the families that surround them to pursue God.  The leadership of Ordinary Faith felt that a new fresh perspective on that mission was necessary.  Although there are many excellent churches in our community, our mission and approach is very simple and unique. We feel as though our approach is guided by the Holy Spirit.

What is the purpose of Ordinary Faith’s Worship service?

We believe “Sundays are for serving”.  On Sundays, we serve our larger community by providing a simple opportunity to learn about God.  Our guiding question is this. “If I were to invite my coworkers or friends to this church, would they feel awkward or offended?” And, “Would the meeting and message make sense to the normal person?”

How do I get to know people?

We work very hard to keep everything we do simple and friendly.  There are a number of opportunities to make new friends before and after any of our weekly services.  However, our Foundations groups are starting frequently, and making connections with others is much easier in a small group environment.

How do I get deeper into God’s Word?

Our primary discipleship tool is small groups.  We offer open groups throughout the year and encourage everyone into the practice of attending a small group.

Do I need to join Ordinary Faith?

We do not have a membership.  Once you begin to attend Ordinary Faith, we assume God brought you to us and consider ourselves your church.  We offer a number of opportunities to serve in our community (I.E. Soup Kitchen, Senior Center, etc).  Once you have attended Foundations, we welcome you to serve during our Sunday Worship events and possibly in small group leadership.

May I participate in Communion?

We practice an open communion at Ordinary Faith, so everyone is welcome to participate.  Our only caution is that communion be approached with humility and prayer as the Bible teaches. Communion is a time to open up our lives to God’s reflection and confess anything that hinders our pursuit of Him.

Why Doesn’t Ordinary Faith Take an Offering?

We want to send a very clear message to those visiting us. We care about YOU. We want you to encounter God and safely work through any faith issues you may have.  For this reason, we do not take a public collection, which could be awkward for the average person.

We do, however, take an offering. If you would like to support Ordinary Faith, there is a giving box at the entrance to the main room, we accept donations on our website or just mail financial support to P.O. Box 2246, Rock Springs, WY 82902.

How would my support be used?

Ordinary Faith does have a number of operational expenses.  We rent facilities, support a pastor, provide resources for small groups and many other things.  We have a significant budget for our community that is used for families and individuals in need.  We also support a few mission efforts.  The Pregnancy Resource Center, Oasis Ministries and Child Evangelism Fellowship of Wyoming are a few of those efforts.

Who makes the decisions?

Our leadership team serves very faithfully to provide spiritual and fiscal guidance to this body. This team makes the final decisions on most matters.

What is expected from me?

Pursue God.  Anything that we can do to assist, enable and equip you in that pursuit, is our greatest honor and joy.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the answer.  Ordinary Faith is merely a light to expose that one simple truth.