If there’s ever going to be Godly things that develop in your life, there has to be room for them to grow.

People tend to like to crowd their lives. To fill them to the brim.

In many ways it helps us avoid the pain of looking. At the hopes and dreams and relationships and all the things that didn’t work out like we wanted. At the things we once had but are now lost. At the heartaches and tough breaks and mistakes and rattlesnakes.

God’s desire is for there to be space for Him in our lives. 

Sometimes that requires an ending, a loss, or the death of something.

We hate that, don’t we?

I know I do.

And yet—God in His great love knows what will be best for us. So that’s what He leads us towards.

Following Jesus means learning to worship God in the midst of difficult, awful, heart-rending times.

We worship God in hard times.

Right? Because we know that God is there to support us and strengthen us and carry us through the most difficult of moments.

My head might understand that. But my heart sure doesn’t feel that way all the time.

Still. That’s the answer. That is the way through the impossible.


Today, take the next fifteen minutes to consider the song and story of a worship leader and team who led their congregation through an unexpected, staggering time. And found a way to lead their church in worship within the moment.

Find it here: https://youtu.be/rc1Kwv3ubsM

And understand that giving God the opportunity to make room in our lives—

That’s worship.

–Pastor Steve