This isn’t what we’d call a Church-Approved Conversation Starter.
It certainly isn’t a Sunday morning call to worship.
Many people don’t even have someone in their lives they can have an honest conversation with about this. Because it reeks of doubt, and worry, and confusion.
And those certainly aren’t things good church people want to face in church on a Sunday morning.
But we’ve all asked it. At one time or another. In one way or another.
Is God enough?

Can He POSSIBLY be enough?

When life pushes us to the end of me, when we’re in situations far beyond our control, when we hit rock bottom and find it was merely a rock—the bottom is deeper still…
Is God enough? And how can we know?
It’s interesting this is one of those questions we could “never ask” in church, because scripture is FULL of examples of people asking this. Exactly this.
Honestly this.
Psalms 13 is a good example. And it’s short, so—even better!
Verses 1-2 are the anguished cries of being tossed by a raging, unrelenting sea:
Hey God? How long are you gonna forget me? Forever?
Exactly how long are you gonna turn your head and look the other way?
How long am I supposed to struggle with this anguish in my soul, with sorrow in my heart every single day?
And how long are you gonna let my enemies enjoy giving me this never-ending beatdown?
Verses 3-4 are gentler, kinder questions for God, even though the situation hasn’t really changed any:
Come on, God. Turn around and answer me!
Restore the sparkle to my eyes, and my faith in you, or I’m gonna die.
And PLEASE don’t let my enemies gloat and call me a loser.
Don’t let them rejoice as I crash and burn.
Finally, verses 5-6
But I trust in your love, because it has never failed me yet.
And I will rejoice because you have rescued me in the past.
So I will sing to You Lord, because you are good to me.

Today—in the middle of everything you’re going through…

Think back and remind yourself of a time when God previously showed up for you. Thank him once again for the fact that He was faithful in that moment. Pray that He shows up once again—right now—to rescue you.
And say this to close your prayer: “Even when I can’t see or understand everything you’re doing, I believe that you have my current circumstances under control. Teach me to trust you more as you walk me through these moments. This is my prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”
Trusting God’s heart, when you can’t see his hand?
That’s worship.
P.S. And if you happen to be wanting a song to ACTUALLY sing (as in the last line of the Psalm), try Way Maker.
“…Even when I don’t see it You’re working, even when I don’t feel it You’re working, You never stop, You never stop working…”