Read or Listen to Genesis Chapter 18 here.

  • Read verses 1 and 2. In what form do these verses indicate that the Lord appeared to Abraham? Does this surprise you?

  • Have you ever had unexpected company show up for dinner? What kind of a host were you? What kind of host was Abraham? Can you put yourself in Abraham’s place? How would you feel entertaining these strangers?

  • Read verses 13-15. How do you imagine Sarah felt about this part of her encounter with the Lord? How do you feel about God knowing your every thought? Does it give you pause? Does it give you comfort or discomfort?

  • God’s words (vs. 19) indicate that Abraham has a responsibility to fulfill within the covenant. What are those responsibilities? Do we have responsibilities in our relationship to God as recipients of the New Covenant? What might those be?

  • Discuss the conversation that Abraham had with the Lord concerning Sodom. What are some things it reveals about the character of God?

  • Abraham made a strong (even brazen) appeal to God’s character and nature, saying, “Surely, you wouldn’t do such a thing…!” Do you think Abraham was brave or out of line to talk this way to God? Can we make similar appeals to God?

  • What do you think about Abraham “upping the ante” or presuming on God’s patience as he pled for Sodom’s preservation? Would you have done the same?

  • Did anything stand out in your reading today that you could share with someone else?