Whoever coined the phrase “don’t cry over spilt milk” did not have children. There are a lot of things in life that bring us to tears, but none so troublesome as the messy things caused by our own carelessness or misunderstanding.  That is why God sent a MESSiah.  God knew that most of what happened after Adam’s very first mess would be very messy. So, He formed a plan long before Adam. That plan was, is, and forever shall be Jesus! Jesus is the answer for messy lives!  But, why and how does life get this way?

Sometimes we don’t really know what love is. John 8 tells of a woman whose understanding of love was very warped and twisted. It caused her a lot of shame and embarrassment, but Jesus showed up for her, and He will show up for you, too. He shows up with REAL love, and real love changes everything!

Sometimes we write checks with our mouths when our lives are far too overdrawn. Matthew 16 tells us a bit about Peter and his mammoth talent for turning a little information into very foolish conclusions.  When we are too confident in ourselves, we do the same thing.  We pride ourselves in our understanding, and then draw a conclusion that proves we do not understand the situation at all. But again, Jesus showed up for Peter. He loved Peter. He corrected Peter, and it sounds harsh, but it was all in love.

Sometimes we think the wrong things are the answer.  Luke 19 tells us the story of short guy names Zaccheus.  Zaccheus spent his life working on the wrong answer. And even though he acquired the thing that he worked so hard to get, he ended up with an answer that did not fit the question. He was like those who climb the ladder of success only to find it leaning against the wrong wall. And AGAIN, Jesus showed up and offended those who judged and disliked Zaccheus by spending time with him and adjusting his world view.

At all times, there is a Savior! There is a way out of the many messes in life and that way has a name, Jesus Christ. I will look forward to seeing you in March as we prepare for Easter and revel in the greatest story of all. The story of Jesus as He intersects with the (messy) story of us!