There are times we simply need to be honest.  With ourselves. And with God.

And ask for help.

Ask for God’s strength in the middle of our exhaustion.

David did. David the king, David the shepherd-boy, David the musician, David the warrior.

He frequently asked for help from Almighty God. Not simply, “God please fix the mess I’ve made”. Although there were certainly those as well (see Psalm 51).

David goes to God when he is burned out, worn out, battered, and fatigued.

Psalm 31 is an example of that.

Today, a retelling of Psalm 31. If David were so quick to turn to God for help, why do we hesitate. If you’re personally burned out today, read this as your prayer.

Lord–where are you?

I seek refuge in you. I need you now more than ever. Lord–can you even hear me?

I am slipping, Lord, the ground beneath my feet has crumbled away. My energy has been stolen, my joy in my work has gone. I feel trapped as a net closes around me.

Lord–come quickly! Find me some solid ground, hide me away in a place of safety. Lord–show me what to do.

I don’t know who to trust. The people around me seem to only want more and more from me. And everyone is running after worthless idols.

I hear people whispering about me. I’m sure they have only scorn for me behind my back. I’m sure they are plotting to get rid of me.

Lord–redeem me! Buy me back from this worthless place, lead me out of this wasteland. Lord–save me.

I am exhausted. My eyes struggle to see, my strength fails, my bones waste away. I am losing myself in this misery. I am sinking into a deathly emptiness.

Lord–I trust you. I do. I say to myself over and over “You are my God. My life is in your hands. Shine your face on me again. Save me in your steadfast love. Don’t lose me to shame, O Lord, for I call on you.”

Lord–come through again for me!

All you people–love the Lord who is wonderful in love, who sees us and hears us and knows us (whether or not we feel it), and who trains us and shapes us (whether or not we enjoy it). Love the Lord who is always there for us.

All you people–be strong and patient. Grow courage in your heart. And wait for the Lord.

For more, read Psalm 31 as well by going here:

Turning to God for help–even when we kinda think we can handle situations ourselves?

That’s worship.

–Pastor Steve.