Why Build Ordinary Faith?

We had a mission when we began this journey that you have all come to know as Ordinary Faith. We knew we were called to make disciples and connect them in a community. We began with the simple framework, “Trust Jesus, Honor God, and Help Others.”

That framework is always being adjusted, but the mission will never change. Building Ordinary Faith is about building people. We have been very careful over the last 10 years to keep that in focus. It is much harder to keep from getting distracted than you might imagine.

That is why we are inviting you to Build Ordinary Faith. The main goal is that we all grow in our faith. And, of course, our first priority is prayer.

In every season that we have committed to prayer, our church has experienced growth. Not just numerical growth, but spiritual and even emotional growth too.

So, I’m asking everyone to pray.

Yes, there are some questions we need to be answered. How do we prepare for an uncertain future? Do we need a ministry facility to improve our community impact? How would we finance a facility? Who would help us secure and care for a facility? How could we use our current resources more faithfully and for greater benefit to our city?

Of course, there are ongoing questions too. How could we encourage and support more people with small groups? How could we help people connect with each other? What could we do to communicate the Good News about Jesus to more people?

As you can see, we need answers from our Father.

I plan to use email and blog posts to tell this story and to invite people into prayer and mission. For those of you who have joined me, thank you. For those of you that haven’t yet please do so at the link below.
Join Us In The Journey!

P.S. Please leave a comment and join the conversation. It would really help everyone to know they are part of a conversation, not just an email or blog.