Why Build Ordinary Faith Now?
We are always working and praying to build Ordinary Faith. That hasn’t changed. BUT, God is on the move. The world is changing at a pace that is, honestly, a little frightening.
The way people participate with their church is also changing. The good news about Jesus will never change, but the “language” of our culture does. How do we communicate the life-changing reality of Jesus to each generation? How do we equip the next generation of faith leaders, missionaries, and entrepreneurs? What if the good news of Jesus could grow in the marketplace too? Is it possible that even more people might hear it? If only we could get it outside of the church building.
You know you are asking the right questions when they lead you to even more questions. Now is the time to pray and lean deeply into our dear Father. We need to sync up with His heart and His mission.
There is only one thing on this earth that addresses supernatural causes of real-world problems. Jesus’ Ekklesia. We have come to call it the church, but we need to think of it in much larger and more powerful terms. “Build Ordinary Faith” is about learning to think of the church in the terms that Jesus intended. Yes, we can do that by studying the Bible. The words of Scripture are our best source of Jesus’ intentions. But, we must also connect with the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit.
When we pray and connect with God’s Spirit, something unbelievable happens. We begin to sense God’s compassion for the world we inhabit. We start to think of people as broken and hurting. We then find a longing for something that is straight from Father’s heart. We long for their healing, restoration, and redemption.
Why now? Because NOW is what we have. NOW is the day of salvation. Our community and state need us NOW.
Would you pray this week that we will connect very deeply with Jesus? Would you pray that we will be so connected to God that we can feel His heart for people?