Taste your words before you speak them.

Honey is sweet. Honey is a cleanser. Words should be honey.

The words in my mouth, falling off of my tongue in an idle fashion. Words hanging off of the edges of my heart, revealing my heart.

Words are powerful and to wield them well means wielding a sword that can turn the tide of a battle.

So what do I choose to speak? Words of victory or self-flagellation?  Do I dress up in the armor provided by faith in the one who used words to create me or do I clothe myself in the rags of a street orphan with a cynical outlook?

The negative bent my tongue usually has when I speak of myself is a falsehood. Yes, I see the cracks and depravity that my flesh is capable of but I also see that being God intended for me to become. I’m not sure which frightens me more.

The depraved is easy, natural and applauded in the world of man. The ‘I deserve this’ or ‘I’m an idiot’ is an actor’s cloak that puffs itself up in a pride or false humility that covers the morbid. It’s false from the first to the last. God help this creature.

The being that God intended is light, powerful and obedient to the words of the One who created it. Obedience is the deafening word that stirs up my rebellion. Yet in obedience, freedom comes like a flood. With that flood comes the power to move rock and earth and create great pools that feed life with its words. It is overpowering in its responsibility, so I have shirked it often in fear. God has created us to be new, to be light, to be powerful, to be His.

So I will practice my words. Speak words that reflect my Master. Repeat the words of my Maker. What happens when I speak His words?  When my heart fully rests in them they can change not only the world but my delinquent heart.

Lord, please make my words honey.