Where We Are Going.

What is THE Win?

When someone visits Ordinary Faith that’s awesome. When they hang around, take foundations, and start serving others on a team, that’s fantastic.  When they engage in a small group, it’s so sweet.  We celebrate all of these steps of faith and many others, because they are real, important, and often very difficult. But… THE WIN is when a man, woman, or child helps someone else get to know Jesus either in a one on one scenario, in the home, in a coffee shop, in a small group or anywhere else. We call this “Going Full Circle” and it is the WIN. Because Jesus did not just tell us to “make disciples” he told us to make disciples who make disciples.

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We are Leading through Teams

Our Church is led by a team of pastors and lay leaders who all play significant spiritual and administrative roles. We don’t have Bishops, Elders, or Deacons to which many are accustomed. But, we do have a Leadership Team and a network of Team leaders who work together like a family. We also have a lead pastor and an assistant pastor who focus on equipping believers for ministry.

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We are Building A Healthy Church

A healthy church is consistent with the Bible’s ideas regarding the gathering of believers–so, we founded the health of Ordinary Faith upon The Bible.  With God’s Word as our moral authority our path is protected. And even though we may still stray because of our humanity, His Word will always correct our course.

The Holy Spirit is also very critical for the health of any church.  The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit as the most significant presence in any church.  And we can easily attest to how peaceful and powerful a group of people can be when the Fruits of the Spirit are on display in each other’s lives.

God’s Word often presents a Multiplicity of Leaders as firm footing for a healthy church. This is why we use a team model of leadership.

And, we provide as many opportunities for growth and service as our resources will allow.

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We are Building the Kingdom

Rock Springs and Green River are very fluid communities. Like the beautiful Green River, families flow in and out of our towns in rhythm with our local economy.  With that image in mind, we realize that many of those who come to us will only be here a short time.  Our desire is to help them Start by Trusting Jesus, Live to Honor God, and Grow by Helping Others to Start by Trusting Jesus!  In short, Our goal is to help people find Jesus Christ and Share Him the rest of their Days.

We also believe it is very important that we help other churches, and even start new churches or groups as God opens the doors.  And, of course, there is always the understanding that our faith must be passed to the next generation. So, we work diligently with children and we will always work very hard to give our ministry away to those in the generation God is raising up to further His Kingdom.

Well, I hope you have discovered a bit more about Ordinary Faith.  Honestly, we know we have a lot to figure out.  We are a newer church, so sometimes it’s a little “messy” around here. And, we also realize what we are doing isn’t for everyone, and that is okay.  The goal of this series was give clarity on who we are, what we are about, where we are going, and how we will get there.

God Bless You on your journey and remember, “It only takes an Ordinary Faith to experience an Extraordinary God!