My dad is a worship leader. 

Has been my whole life. And he still leads church worship on a regular basis.

As you might imagine, he likes different music than I do. And he generally uses songs that I’d never choose to lead. Funny thing is, people are still led into worship of Almighty God.

As I think about it, there are PLENTY of people would like me to use music that I tend to avoid. Just ask the worship team I currently lead!

But whether we’d use a particular piece of music or not, both my dad and I appreciate songs that are filled with TRUTH. The truth of the Gospel.

Last week I was introduced to a song that’s been rattling around my cage.

It’s by Micah Tyler, the song is called “Never Been A Moment”.

It kinda mirrors “Amazing Grace”. It’s the song of someone looking back, grateful that God loved them and rescued them. And the bridge leans into Psalm 139. That God knows all about us, loves us anyway, and won’t let us wander away from His love and grace.

But the hook is what rattles around my cage. And what you need to hear today. 

The hook says that whenever he looks back from where he’s standing now:

There’s never been a moment I was not held inside Your arms

There’s never been a day when You were not who You say You are

You’re forever, it don’t matter what I’m walking through

‘Cause no matter where I’m going there’s never been a moment

That I was not loved by You.

God loves you.

Have you heard that today? Have you really listened?

God LOVES you.

With an all-consuming, heart-pursuing, grace-extending, never-ending love.

Whether you’re a sinner, or a saint, or a bit of both. God loves you.

And you need to be reminded of that. Every day. 

Today, simply thank God for his love. His love for YOU. And thank Him that love is truly all-consuming, heart-pursuing, grace-extending, and never-ending.

That’s worship.

–Pastor Steve.

P.S. If you like, give the song a listen here: