Would you like to put your money to work in the expansion of the Gospel.

Christian Youth in Action
If you would like to support the teenagers giving their summer to share the Gospel with Children in Wyoming, just note your check to CYIA.

Kenzie Faris –
Our own Kenzie Faris is taking a Mission Trip to Bangalore, India in August. Just note your check or envelope to “Faris”

Domestic Missionaries we recommend.

Tim and Bonnie Hickman –
Child Evangelism Fellowship
PO BOX 1866
GLENROCK,  WY 826371866

Rob and Tammie Kocher – Ambassadors for Christ International
PO BOX 470
TUCKER,  GA 300850470
(770) 921-4705

Emily Cable – Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries
Outdoor Ministry in Wyoming
617 Plaza Ct.
Laramie, WY 82070

International Missionaries we recommend

Amber Stark –
Life Impact/Oasis Ministries
PO BOX 2216
LILBURN,  GA 300482216
Jason and Chris Wollbrink – Global Faith Mission Agency –
Church Planting Missionaries to Peru.
Global Faith Mission Agency
P.O. Box 3326
Chattanooga, TN  37404