Has beauty ever made you cry? Has it ever pointed you to the heart intention of our God? The older I get, the more often this happens. In most cases, it’s the overwhelming beauty of nature. This week, the overpowering beauty was in the first intention of a creature called man.

If you’ve ever been to a park festival in the middle of summer you know the activity and noise level is stimulating to say the least. I was able to just sit still for a while and watch. This is some of what I saw and heard that blessed my heart with the heart of God.

We are all made in the image of God, each one of us a unique design with a unique personality. Each one of us loved to the point of a Son given. At the best, we are representations of joy and laughter and love. Let me tell you what I saw that moved me in hopes that you can see and rejoice too.

Leading the way were musicians sharing their gifts and life stories through the power of song.

Children running with abandon, bare feet and wild grins. 

Dads playing chase.

Little girls twirling in pretty dresses and dancing as only children can. Adults slowly following the example. Fathers dancing with their beloved daughters. Moms noticing the beauty in the moment and capturing snapshots, all the while oblivious to their own beauty. 

Young boys puffing their chests and showing their strength in the games they played while keeping an eye on the young girls pretending not to notice.

 Women of all ages trying to embrace their beauty. The clouded faces of some as they believed the lie that they held none only to be rescued by friends around them. The smiles and laughter slowly returning.

 Kids rolling down hills and splashing in a river. 

Older women fully embracing colorful prints and flowing dresses, being told they are stunning and fabulous.

Men tending to their wives as they smeared lotions on to protect them from the sun. 

Hugs of seldom-seen friends and laughter filling the pauses in the music. 

Old men limping in with their dogs in tow, smiling at greetings and puppy pets. Strangers sharing smiles and small conversations.

A toddler walking up to strangers and helping herself to their lunch. Everyone around laughing at the perfection it was.

A strong man holding back tears as he talked of a friend’s struggle with health. Fifty plus years of friendship love ready to roll out of his eyes while grasping at what the future held.

 A beautiful example of love is sometimes a broken heart. 

It was a celebration of life. Joy over the goodness humans were intended for, a gift from a good Father in a broken world. Before I could stop them my allergies slipped out of my eyes, completely unashamed.

 God is so good to place this longing in our hearts for community and love. He is so good to let moments of perfect harmony be seen. The gift of God moments showing the intention of his heart toward us. It’s pure beauty. I hope you can see it today too and revel in it.