Probably don’t have time to pray. I understand.

Jeremiah 33:3 (NET) ‘Call on me in prayer and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious things that you still do not know about.’

There are so many promises from God in the Bible to encourage us to pray. But it is hard to pray. It is hard to find time. We experience an intimidation about prayer. And sometimes it feels like prayer doesn’t do that much.

We have two small appliances that we have used quite a bit as a large family. One for years and another more recent. The old school tool is the crock pot. I love the crock pot. If you think of it the night before, do “future you” a favor. Throw dinner in a crock pot and slow cook it until it’s time to eat. The new tool is the Insta-Pot. We haven’t had one for long but that little wonder can do the work of a crock pot in about a fifth of the time.

What does prayer have to do with pots? Sometimes we have long range prayers and concerns. Those prayers “simmer” over days, weeks, years, and even decades. We keep praying about them, and we KNOW that God is working on them.Other prayers sneak up on us. We didn’t notice a situation getting worse, but when we do, it’s a crisis. So we send off a Prayer Flare, if you will. God – who has never been surprised – already had that care “simmering” as well.

What’s my point? Whether your cares are urgent or ongoing keep praying about them. Through your prayers, you are promised answers. Prayer also gives us a wonderful comprehension of who our God is.

In short, prayer accomplishes so much more than we think it does. It goes so much farther than we could ever hope. And, Prayer improves our world more than you will ever know in this life. Besides, Jesus taught that real life is knowing God. Prayer is the best way to come to know the God who has saved you.

Enjoy some prayer today – Micheal