Good Gifts

“Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” James 1:17

Watching the sunrise over the mountains, a cup of coffee in my hands, the stream flowing in front of me.

Morning bird calls. Soft, cool, damp breeze touches the willows and my face.

The scent of it owned by such mountain streams.

The head of a beaver on his morning rounds breaking the surface and diving once again. Twice the ritual before I see him heaving his heavy body over the fortress he has constructed. Our morning meeting is over. 

Playful dogs toying with sticks in the swirling water. Their bodies stretched over the steep bank playing a game of ‘who is going to fall in first’. I can’t help but laugh.

This is a gift from the Good Giver, the seeker of my heart. This is the bouquet of flowers in hand from the soul lover. My heart aches for rich dirt, rocks, and water. He is attentive and woos me with those joys. I am so thankful he considers it endearing that the dirt under my fingernails and wild morning hair is how I run to greet him.

These good God gifts may be different for each of his children. Just as we give gifts dependant on the receiver, so he gives the gifts that match that quirky personality of yours. The gifts may not be noticeable to your neighbor because they are meant for your heart. Likewise, the gifts they receive may not strike a chord in yours. Our God is such a personal and generous giver. Is it good? Is it perfect? If it is, then it’s from Him. Little gifts, big gifts, what brings you joy or peace? How does this loving God of all creation woo you, dear friend? What little heart joys are in your day? Do you see sprinklings of it in your week? The more we look, the more we see and the more our hearts fill with gratitude.  Enjoy the bouquet, my friend.