Psalms 30:5-7 (NLT)

…joy comes with the morning.

6 When I was prosperous, I said,

“Nothing can stop me now!”

7 Your favor, O LORD, made me as secure as a mountain.

I just saw myself leaping out of bed, and falling on my face. If that was your first thought, that is not what I meant. But, it is funny.

Do you have a morning routine that really helps launch your day? I would be so jazzed if you shared it in the comments below.

Have you ever purchased a new computer?

If so, did you notice how fast it was in the beginning? But, over time, it got more and more sluggish. What happened?

As you add apps and increase your storage of pictures and videos, things begin to slow a bit. Then you may unknowingly download lots of malware, spyware, and “whoknowswhatthisisdoingtomyprivacy” ware. Before long, your new computer is just as slow as the old one. Arrrgh!

Your Brain Is Your New Computer, EVERY MORNING!

You wake up on that second or fifteenth snooze button smackdown and you are reset for the day. Now what?

Well, you start loading apps. You load up the “how are my insecurities today” app. It begins with a check of your personal value.

Did anyone send me a message while normal people sleep? That should happen.

I wonder if anyone liked my “I’m tired” photo from last night.

I better make sure someone commented on the comments I commented on.

My email! O my! I almost forgot. Someone may have thought I was worthy of a midnight email.

As you load these “apps” you begin to load and quickly overload your “new” computer.

Are you sure you want to frontload your day with all of this energy-sapping insecurity and drama?

Is ANYTHING more important than your MEphone?

I would say yes. Your heart, emotions, mind, and relationships are far more important. 

So here is my challenge.

Load the important stuff first.

Charge your phone somewhere away from you. Or, just don’t use it until much later in the day.

Begin the day with better and healthier habits.

Stay tuned, I’ll share several with you in the coming days. But for now, a good question would be, “What is a better way to start my day?”