Read or Listen to Romans Chapter 3 here.

Sin, Bummer.

  • Discuss the value or the advantages that Paul described for those born Jewish.

  • Discuss the faithfulness of God as it compares to the unfaithfulness of men. What are we supposed to do about that? What encouragement does this truth provide?

  • Discuss the philosophical errors Paul addresses in Romans 3:5-8. What are they? Are they still prevalent today? Explain.

  • What is the great equalizer of all men that Paul brings to bear in Romans 3:9. How so?

  • Discuss Paul’s description of mankind Romans 3:10-18. What scriptures is he quoting? What doctrine is Paul teaching?  Is mankind fundamentally good or bad? Explain.

  • Discuss Romans 3:20. What is the purpose of the law? Did it work? How so?

  • Review Romans 3:21-31. How does the chapter transition in verse 21?

  • How are we made right with God?  How does God do that? How does God’s sacrifice show His fairness or justice?  How does God’s forgiveness display His righteousness?

  • Answer Paul’s question in Romans 3:27.  How have we done nothing?

  • What is the significance of God being the God of both Jews and Gentiles?

  • Did anything stand out in your reading today that you could share with someone else?