Read or Listen to Romans Chapter 2 here.

So much for the theory of moral relativity.

  • Why does Paul condemn his readers so strongly regarding the judgment of the people that have rejected God in chapter 1?

  • Discuss the kindness of God in Romans 2:4.  How is God kind toward people? How does God’s kindness turn people from destruction? How does God’s kindness influence our relationships with those who reject God?

  • Review Romans 2:7-10. What is the difference between those who will receive eternal life and those who will not?  Does it matter how people live from day to day? What are the implications of these verses upon those who choose to live without God but declare belief in Him?

  • Review Romans 2:12-16. Is Paul being overly severe in his warning? What is motivating Paul to be so frank? What do you think about Paul’s motivation and his warning?

  • Paul uses the Law against the Jewish people. He condemns them for obeying it without actually obeying it. What does this tell us about God’s expectations regarding His Law?

  • Discuss the damage hypocrisy causes in the life of faith both for an individual and a congregation.

  • Based upon Romans 2:28-29, is there a different path for the Jews to enter into eternal life? What is the path for a Jew? What is the path for a Gentile (everyone else)?

  • Did anything stand out in your reading today that you could share with someone else?