Read or Listen to Genesis Chapter 24 here.

How to Find a Spouse!!!

  • Why was Abraham so adamant that his son not marry a local woman from the Canaanite people?   Discuss how this relates to the Covenant given to Abraham.  What would have been some ramifications if Isaac had married outside of his own people?

  • Read vs. 7. Do you think Abraham cared deeply about God’s promise?  How did that impact Abraham’s faith in and expectation of God’s provision in this need? Do we often (or ever) expect God’s supernatural provision for our own circumstances?

  • What was the servant’s first step in securing success in his quest?  What do you think of his prayer?  Was it a general or specific request? Was it super-spiritual and complicated or simple and to the point? How quickly was his prayer answered?  Can you think of a time that a prayer was answered quickly in your experience?

  • Consider the servant’s response in vs. 21.  How specifically did God answer the servant’s prayer?  Do you find his response amusing or exasperating? Relatable? Can you imagine having this response in this circumstance? Explain your thoughts.

  • In each instance of the servant’s success in finding Isaac a wife, what was his first response or reaction?  Is this a lesson for us?

  • As Rebekah departed, her family gave her a blessing (vs. 60).  Look back to Genesis 17:16. What do you note about the similarities between these two passages?  List some of them.

  • God provided a wife for Isaac from the covenantal line that he loved and who gave him special comfort.  Take a moment to reflect on the ways that God has provided good things and special relationships in your own life.  Thank Him!

  • Did anything stand out in your reading today that you could share with someone else?