Read or Listen to Genesis Chapter 21 here.

Abraham’s 100th birthday present!

  • Discuss the birth of Isaac. What kind of day must that have been?

  • Discuss Sarah’s statement Genesis 21:6-7.

  • Are there any reasons that God could have NOT kept His word to Abraham?

  • What is the significance of God keeping His promise to Abraham?

  • Compare Genesis 21:8-13 with Galatians 4:24-28. What does it mean to you to be considered a child of the “free woman”?

  • Discuss Hagar’s relationship with God. Twice she had conversations with God. What does Hagar teach us about God?

  • Why did Abimelech come to visit Abraham?  What is Abraham’s point of contention?

  • When the meeting is over, what does Abraham own? What is the significance of that ownership?

  • What are the implications of Abimelech and Abraham coming to peaceful terms?

  • Did anything stand out in your reading today that you could share with someone else?