Read or Listen to Genesis Chapter 15 here.

  • Discuss or consider Genesis 15:2-3.  What do you think of Abraham’s state of mind regarding God’s Promises to him?

  • Does it seem like Abraham is questioning God’s promises? How do you feel about that?

  • Review Genesis 15:4-5. How does God handle Abraham’s questions? Does this give you comfort or does this make you wonder about God in some way?

  • Discuss or consider Genesis 15:6.  This is one of the more significant scriptures in the Bible. Why do you think that is? (Romans 4:3-8)

  • Genesis 15:8-21 record an ancient ceremony used to make a covenant (agreement).

  • What was Abraham’s part of this ceremony? What did he actually do? (Vs. 9-12)

  • What did God do as part of the ceremony? (Vs 10-17)

  • Even though God made this covenant with Abraham, Abraham doesn’t actually fulfill the ceremony.  What do you think about Abraham’s deep sleep and God’s covenant with God for Abraham?