Good Day All,

Yesterday the Ordinary Faith leadership team made the call to suspend face to face Sunday Worship at the Young At Heart senior center through Labor Day.

We will be online only for July 26, August 2, and August 9. The following four Sundays we will meet as follows:

August 16 – Centennial Park

August 23 – Expedition Island in Green River (Baptism Sunday)

August 30 – Bunning Park

September 6 – Bunning Park (combined Church in the Park with other churches)


There have been several people in Rock Springs that have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last week or so. While that is not entirely unexpected, a chunk of those were connected to other churches in town.

The bottom line is we want Ordinary Faith to lead in our community as examples of love and compassion, rather than as an organization willing to assert our rights without consideration for our community. And by that, I’m referring to both those who attend our church as well as the cities of Rock Springs and Green River.

Moving our worship online for the next three Sundays will provide a full 14+ day quarantine cycle to take place. Furthermore, since we had already scheduled to meet outdoors for August 23 and September 6, meeting in parks on August 16 & 30 seemed to be a good way to transition back to meeting indoors.

Our Service Schedule again is… (Sunday’s 10 am)

      • July 26 – Online
      • August 2 – Online
      • August 9 – Online
      • August 16 – Centennial Park
      • August 23 – Expedition Island (Baptism Sunday)
      • August 30 – Bunning Park
      • Sept 6 – Bunning Park (Church in The Park)