Good Morning Everyone!

There will be a change to this weekend’s services. An employee of Young at Heart Senior Center has tested positive for Covid-19. Young at Heart provides services for many that are at-risk and has a responsibility to protect them. So, they have decided to suspend all activities within the facility until November 30th. They are allowing us to continue using their facility for our services but would like us to wear masks. The worship team and speakers will be able to remove them while singing or speaking. But, outside of that, all those inside the building will need to wear one.
So, this Sunday we need everyone to wear masks in the building for both services. It seems likely that the situation will be changing each week. So we will do our best to keep you in the loop.
We are also going to delay our children’s ministry startup. Please pray that we are able to start in December or January.
Also, depending upon attendance to services, the 8:30 am service may be postponed as well. We will make that determination based upon this coming Sunday’s attendance.
I understand that many of you may choose to avoid wearing a mask, so please join us online on Facebook or Youtube. And, invite a friend to a watch party or just to watch while we are live. Don’t forget to comment and share the Live Feed.
One way or another I hope to See you Sunday!